“When you look at it holistically the CST system works all the way around. It gets rid of wastewater streams, solid waste streams – our olive pits – it generates electricity, it reduces our use of fossil fuels. It’s truly amazing the impact it’s going to have on our business operations and how we fit in with the community and with how we fit in with the environment.” 
        Ben Hall, Director of Environmental Programs, Musco Family Olive Company

“CST is using distillation to get the purest water you can get. But they’re adding value along the process by recovering a big portion of the energy through the steam engines, and then concentrating the salts in a way that can be managed.”
        Jose Faria, California Department of Water Resources

“It’s not nice waking up and not knowing how to get out of a water problem. Now that we’ve installed the CST system, we’ve got people who were looking at us as a negative seeing us as someone who’s pioneering green technology that can be used up and down the valley.” 
        Felix Musco, Musco Family Olive Company