Have you ever heard of a water reclamation system that creates its own electricity and pays for itself in less than a decade? Don’t worry, no one has. At CST our goal is to change the way people think about wastewater treatment and electric power generation.

A CST system will typically generate enough excess clean electricity (after the plant's parasitic load) to pay for itself within seven years. This while cleaning the world’s toughest wastewater day in, day out.

At its heart, the CST system cleans wastewater the same way that nature does, through evaporation. We just do it a lot faster.

We start by combining our proprietary SteamBoy™ Steam Generators, BioReactors, solar-thermal arrays, and EcoPods into the world’s most advanced wastewater treatment system. We then power the system and much more by utilizing the pressurized steam from the treatment side to power an electricity generating technology that once electrified the world: The steam engine.

CST is now building the world’s largest modern steam engines at its headquarters in Tracy, California. The SteamBoy™ 1200hp is quite a sight to see. Our engines, while not quite as efficient as modern-day steam turbines, are extraordinarily robust. And unlike steam turbines they’ll handle just about anything you throw at them. That’s critical for utilizing the saturated steam coming from the water treatment side, steam that would typically be considered too harsh to use for power generation. Our engines are easy to maintain, will last for decades… and, yes, they’re beautiful.

While most CST systems are renewably powered (solar thermal and/or biomass), some clients with serious water treatment needs may find the CST system is a good fit even when running on natural gas. And because our water reclamation system is so efficient on its own, we have some clients who skip the power generation stage all together. Our zero liquid discharge (ZLD) solution means they don’t’ have to truck their water away anymore.

Another revenue source is the process-grade heat (250-320F) released from the steam engine exhaust. This heat can be used for multiple different processes, including ethanol production.

But most CST clients want to take advantage of both of our key strengths: a front end that cleans the worlds toughest wastewater, and a back end that generates enough electricity and process heat to pay for the system in less than a decade.

CST currently manufactures the following SteamBoy™ brand equipment:

· Low cost Solar-thermal mirrors scalable from the smallest boutique system up to 10m gpd.

· Steam engines range in size from 100hp to 4000hp

· Steam Generators range for 830pph to 130,000pph.

· BioReactors (Approved by the CA air quality board) can be built from 30m BTU/hr to 380m BTU/hr.

· EcoPods™, our negative pressure evaporation system utilizing exhaust from our engines, can range from 30,000gpd to 300,000gpd. This is the final step in reducing the nation’s dirtiest water to a manageable solid (moist paste).