Musco Family Olive Company - After receiving one of the largest fines in California history, Musco hired CST to bring their factory - the largest olive canning facility in America - into compliance with CA Water Board. Recently featured in the Discovery Channel special Powering the Future, the full-scale 100,000GPD CST system features a SteamBoy™ 1200hp steam engine and three (3) SteamBoy Steam Generators.

City of Tracy Wastewater Treatment Plant - SteamBoy™ Jr. ‘clean water/clean power’ plant currently reducing salts from plant’s discharge stream by over 97%. Design for a full scale system has begun and will include such green heat sources as the bio-gas currently coming from the plants digester, a CST Bio-Reactor for woody materials and a Solar Thermal Array.

Constellation Wines (world’s largest winery) - SteamBoy™ Jr. demo phase complete. Brine stream fully converted to solid and effectively used as fertilizer. Full-scale system in design phase. The CST system will feature a bio-powered reactor that will utilize the plant's waste grape pumice and grape seeds to clean its waste water.  

Tehama/Montara.  The prototype SteamBoy system cleaned the RO brine from the exclusive communities’ water plant. It was the first time the SteamBoy removed over 99.96% of the salt. 

Red Rock Ranch. Scientific study of  a CST Natural Gas/Solar Thermal powered  system for the California Department of Water Resources. The CST system cleaned tens of thousands of gallons of agricultural tile water. The official report showed that the CST system could reduce the salts in the water to a non-ponding, non-toxic dry paste. The system removed the selenium levels to a N/D level.

Dairy wastewater and lagoon water. CST processed over 5000 gallons of dairy wastewater from the Hanson Ranch. Two samples were processed, one from the dairy's sump and one from the dairies lagoon. In both cases the minerals and solids were reduced by over 99%. Additionally, the electricity produced in the test amounted to 78% over the system's load.