CST Success

Musco Family Olive Company – After receiving one of the largest fines in California history, Musco hired CST to bring their factory – the largest olive canning facility in America – into compliance with CA Water Board. Recently featured in the Discovery Channel special Powering the Future, the full-scale 100,000GPD CST system features a SteamBoy™ 1200hp steam engine and three (3) SteamBoy Steam Generators.

City of Tracy Wastewater Treatment Plant – SteamBoy™ Jr. ‘clean water/clean power’ plant currently reducing salts from plant’s discharge stream by over 97%. Design for a full scale system has begun and will include such green heat sources as the bio-gas currently coming from the plants digester, a CST Bio-Reactor for woody materials and a Solar Thermal Array.

Constellation Wines (world’s largest winery) – SteamBoy™ Jr. demo phase complete. Brine stream fully converted to solid and effectively used as fertilizer. Full-scale system in design phase. The CST system will feature a bio-powered reactor that will utilize the plant’s waste grape pumice and grape seeds to clean its waste water