Made in the USA

Made in the USA. Words we don’t see often enough anymore.

Renewable energy was supposed to change all that. With renewables, we’re not shipping in oil from the Middle East, or piping down natural gas from Canada. There’s more energy than we’ll ever need right here in our back yard. Build the solar and wind power machines to tap into it, and you put that power and America’s industrial muscle to work.

But when it comes to most renewable systems like photovoltaic (PV) or wind power, that industrial muscle is being flexed overseas. So far, Europe and Asia have been the big winners from the green revolution.

At CST, we’re determined to change that. Our systems are built from the ground up here in the United States. That means we create jobs from the word go, and keep good jobs working locally, wherever a CST system is built.

Of course there’s a place for wind and PV in America’s renewable future. But for the most efficient clean water/clean power system on Earth, and the one with the most bang for America’s economic buck, a CST system cannot be beat.