CST Services

1. Contact CST (or we find you)
3. Testing and Fatal Flaw analysis
4. Preliminary design and Financial Model
5. Agreement to proceed
6. Final Design and Permitting
7. Plant construction
8. Plant Commissioning

We think it’s better to start with science than sales. So, long before we start designing a full system, we head to the lab with your wastewater. Not to a stuffy room where a few milliliters are examined, but to a full-blown SteamBoy Jr. demo system where we clean thousands of gallons of your water. We then produce a highly detailed report of the results and show a clear path on how to move forward with a system designed with your resources and needs in mind.

CST’s process is achieved using solar power, biomass, natural gas or a combination of all

Tech Applications

  • Treatment of reverse osmosis brine
  • Treatment of secondary & tertiary from waste water treatment plants
  • Treatment of agriculture drainage & tile water
  • Treatment of food processing wastewater such as dairy, cheese or whey
  • Treatment of wine processing discharge
  • Treatment of olive oil processing discharge
  • Treatment of produced water from natural gas hydraulic fracturing (onsite)
  • Treatment of brine from water softeners
  • Treatment of brackish & saline aquifers (not a wastewater source)
  • Treatment of produced water from oil production
  • Processing of discharge from private sources currently using trucking for discharge