Tracy Renewable Energy

Over the last ten years Combined Solar Technologies has installed several water cleaning systems throughout the US.  These systems worked well and the knowledge gained form these facilities helped CST refine its technologies and business model.

In the current business model CST acts as a service provider for dis-chargers in Tracy, Ca. at its new facility. CST also accepts AG materials for mechanical clean drying. 

At its heart, the CST system cleans wastewater the same way that nature does, through evaporation. We just do it a lot faster.

We start by combining our proprietary SteamBoy™ Steam Generators, BioReactors, solar-thermal arrays, and EcoPods into the world’s most advanced wastewater treatment system. We then power the system and much more by utilizing the pressurized steam from the treatment side to power an electricity generating technology that once electrified the world